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    Boris, Thanks such a lot for taking the time to speak with us. We’re so fascinated by your upcoming drop and to be informed a bit of extra about you.

    The place are you from? 


    I lived on quite a lot of patches of this beautiful earth, and it’s been moderately a adventure. I used to be born in 1985 in Sarajevo, Bosnia which it was once a part of the previous Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Lived there till 1992 when the Balkan struggle broke out, and my circle of relatives refuged to a area referred to as Kosovo, which was once a part of Serbia again then. There we lived as refugees in a construction shared via others who had the similar destiny. In 1998 some other struggle broke out and that’s when my oldsters were given fortunate sufficient to be granted an immigrant visa to the US. We moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. A couple of years later my circle of relatives moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin the place I went to artwork college. Some years later I moved to Moscow, Idaho, USA to get my MFA, moved again to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in the end couple of years in the past ended up right here in Portland, Oregon. Like I stated, it’s been moderately a captivating adventure.


    Are you able to let us know about your background and what lead you down the trail to turning into an artist and in the long run experimenting with NFTs? 


    Neither of my oldsters are artists. Then again, my dad has the creative abilities, however didn’t follow it being that he was once a police officer within the former Yugoslavia. His brother had the creative abilities, began artwork college and dropped out. His mother was once artist too, and his grandpa was once a sculptor in Sarajevo. So it was once one thing that was once a part of his global, however simply didn’t pursue it himself. He did display me how to attract issues as a bit child, and I simply discovered the entire revel in of making artwork intriguing. So I saved doing it. If I have been to psychoanalyze myself, which I do regularly, I’d say that my oldsters have been beautiful excellent oldsters, however they weren’t the most efficient at being emotionally provide with me. I’m sure that as a bit child (3,4 or 5 yr previous) after I would draw and do one thing spectacular I used to be in a position to get their consideration, in addition to the eye of others. So I saved doing it as I’m sure it was once a strategy to get their consideration. I cant make sure that, however Im certain there’s some reality in there. Nonetheless I stay making artwork all over my adolescence. Im sure it was once one thing that I subconsciously used so as to convenience myself, and later once we develop into refugees, it was once a device for escaping into creativeness, someplace the place there’s no struggle, and people are type. Ahead of coming to the US, artwork was once one thing that I didnt suppose I may do as a occupation. I felt like in all probability I’d pursue one thing sensible like engineering, as I used to be in reality excellent at math and physics. I exploit to compete in the ones topics with different faculties. However deep down I sought after to be an artistic, a loose philosopher, the place my impish tactics can in finding an outlet. So once we moved to USA I fascinated about finding out to attract immensely and my oldsters supported via artist pursuit the entire manner. What type souls they have been to do this, regardless of realizing that being an artistic can be a tough pursuit. I’ve them to thank for far of the reinforce. I did my absolute best to create a stellar portfolio for my artwork faculty utility and I were given a three/4 scholarship at a personal artwork faculty Milwaukee Institute of Artwork and Design, which is the place I were given my BFA in Representation. All I knew is that I cherished tale telling thru my artwork, and I pursued representation on account of that. However deep down, I wasn’t in reality pondering in truth if I’d need to be a industrial illustrator. At center I nonetheless was once extra of a superb artist who had this urge to precise himself. When I graduated, I were given a graphic design process growing graphics for clothes. I did that for little over 3 years, and discovered there’s so a lot more to this lifestyles and what I may do with my artwork, that I determined to give up that process and return to college to get my MFA and perceive myself higher. I were given a complete scholarship, and was once paid to show whilst I pursued my MFA. My oldsters have been nonetheless tremendous supportive. I believe like all over my time of mirrored image whilst seeking to perceive what my MFA must be about is after I in reality discovered what my artwork must be about. I bring it to mind, it was once February of 2012, and after months fo feeling like my artwork was once superficial, no longer connecting and was once simply no longer attending to the core of items, I noticed that someplace alongside the best way of creating into maturity as a male within the trendy society, I ended being prone, and my artwork mirrored that. I noticed that the kind of tune, films, and books I loved are those the place the creator pour their center into what they made, and it confirmed. So the primary collection that I made after this epiphany is named “One thing Someplace” which I lated renamed as “One thing Inside”. Its one fo the collection on my site. That was once it, I knew that this direct was once what I had to discover submit MFA. Then again, my oldsters are blue collar staff in USA, and I had to determine a strategy to earn a living with my artwork. I depend discover a process at an artistic company belie my portfolio was once principally superb artwork illustrations. So I determined to transport again with my oldsters and pursue being a contract illustrator, till I determine it out. What I regardless that was once going to be a yr or two yr experiment, lasted for six years, all over which I stay saving cash and dwelling with my oldsters. It was once a coarse length in my lifestyles. I had nice purchasers, and did paintings that I preferred. But in addition I’m certain, that I misplaced some purchasers as a result of I used to be within the survival mode, and I didnt like dwelling the best way I used to be. It wired me out always, and didn’t in reality experience making issues for others whilst no longer making respectable cash. All over those years after my MFA which led to 2013, as I labored on quite a lot of tactics of being profitable, after I had no paid initiatives I did what cherished probably the most, which is make artwork for my self, for my moody soul. However as a result of I struggled to earn a living sufficient the place I believe like I will have a good lifestyles in USA, I felt like I failed myself and my oldsters for trusting in me to pursue this. And after years of establishing a industrial portfolio, and making an attempt various things that ranged from customized lettering, typography, graphic design, industrial representation, film posters, superb artwork commissions, model, I in the end discovered an artistic alternative that will be a complete time paid process as a way illustrator. I used to be determined to be performed freelancing and simply are living a typical lifestyles the place I am getting to be an artistic. I used to be fearful that the process could be too company and unusual, however my artwork director Rocky Jones, was once the proper particular person to have met in that level in lifestyles. And this secure gig equipped me with safety to prevent dwelling in a survival mode, so I will take time to grasp myself extra, dig deep into my unconscious, and heal numerous wounds that lifestyles has left on me. All over this entire time I saved making private artwork at the facet. And my artwork mirrored who I used to be on the time of creating it. And for those who practice it, you’ll be able to inform the place I used to be mentally and emotionally at that length in my lifestyles. I began this complete time gig in early 2019. I additionally had a spouse who started paintings within the psychedelic analysis as a device for psychological well being therapies. So I started to have balance I used to be in a position to discover myself extra. As I did that, I slowly started to find who I’m, and spot all of me, the shinning sides of myself and the shadow self that want numerous paintings to conquer previous patterns. My private artwork began to replicate that fluctuate. Then again, at this level my private artwork develop into only a interest. I hod a hard time monetizing my private artwork, and it didnt encourage me to speculate numerous time into it, however I nonetheless did. And after I ran throughout NFTs, I noticed what this might be for me and my need for private expression. If I did this proper, I may in the end have a strategy to make my absolute best private paintings, have the validation that each artist seeks, and feature the monetary approach of continuous to stay making it. So this entire adventure of in need of to precise myself, and who I’m on this unusual human revel in, all culminated to this second the place NFTs allowed me to do this. Timing smart, the upward thrust of recognition of NFTs simply came about to align with my now private adventure the place I used to be in reality having to make numerous adjustments, which allowed me this gorgeous alternative to precise myself in new and sweetness tactics. It was once a phenomenal serendipitous incidence.

    When did you mint your first NFT? What platform did you select and why? 


    I stopped up minting my first NFT on Basis. Presently it was once the one platform I had the get entry to to, and I sought after to experiment and spot what would occur. There was once so much I nonetheless had to be informed about selling my artwork, and making connections. Once more I used to be no longer involved with others round me who have been in NFTs that I needed to ask so much fo other folks thru my social medias for recommendation. Numerous trial and blunder needless to say.


    Are you able to let us know something you can not are living with out? (and why) 


    As a refugee, I lived with out many stuff. I discovered to not depend on a lot, however I do in finding good looks and luxury in issues, that are simply issues I’ve on hire whilst I’m alive. I cant no longer are living with out human connections. It’s on the core of this human revel in. I dont consider in religions, however regardless of how damaging human beings are, I nonetheless think about us, in each and every different, in humanity.


    Who’s your favourite artist(s) (Non NFT)? What about their taste resonates with you? 


    I in reality resonate with Alex Gray. The immense energy of psychedelics that experience published such a lot of my inside workings of my psyche is one thing that he has portrayed fantastically for many years. What I additionally resonated with him, and was once impressed via him, however took it into a brand new course, is his focal point at the human anatomy. Whilst he depicts an x-ray model of human anatomy, with muscle groups and veins, I exploit the human anatomy fashions as some way of transcending race, to make my artwork in regards to the common revel in of being a human. It was once one thing I used to be suffering to reach. I’m an Jap Ecu male with darkish options, and my artwork inevitably was once impressed via me, and I regularly used myself as a subject matter of my very own artwork. However regardless of my artwork being a visible magazine of my private human revel in, I sought after my artwork to go beyond me as a person that appears a undeniable manner. And I be mindful having a look at Alex Gray’s artwork and pondering, I in reality benefit from the simplification of options the place the rendered topic would permit the viewer to consider themselves within the piece more uncomplicated. In order that was once a large a part of my inspiration, however this is in reality principally it, as least that I’m acutely aware of.

    Every other artist which I in finding immensely inspiring has been James Jean. What I discovered attention-grabbing about his artwork, is his freedom with which he explored surrealism. As I used to be creating my private taste, I discovered myself being very literal, in need of to depict lifelike scenes and environments. However I didn’t experience doing that, as a result of deep down I used to be seeking to seize one thing extra intangible, airy. So all over my BFA i spotted that my artwork is an effort, a bridge between the truth and the intangible, which is after I began to include parts of realism and surrealism. Every other facet of James Jean paintings that I at all times admired is his talent to experiment and evolve other types concurrently. It gave the look of freedom, the place he may do a blank virtual art work, or a expressive acrylic portray, or a sculpture, but it was once all cohesive, nonetheless him, nonetheless his voice.

    So now that I do know myself higher as human being and what I need to say with my artwork, which can evolve over the years, I’ve been tying to do the similar factor with my artwork, experiment and take a look at other ways of expressing myself, and whether or not its virtual or acrylic portray, it nonetheless has my essence, my very own glance to it.


    Who’s your favorite NFT artist? What makes this artist distinctive? 


    I in reality resonate with Sam Spratt’s paintings and I additionally in reality resonate with Archan Nair.

    Archan’s paintings is in reality expressive and really psychedelic, even supposing he hasn’t ever performed psychedelics, and has no plan to take action. Perhaps in the future I will be able to persuade him to check out. What I in reality experience about his paintings is his talent to seize emotions with all the textures and parts that he combines. There’s a good looks to the chaos of colours and paint marks.

    Sam’s paintings is in reality attention-grabbing from a tale telling and technical standpoint. He paints digitally in some way that appears extremely stunning, full of apparently conventional oil textures and paint marks. I don’t understand how he does it however he’s simply in reality rattling proficient. And the tales he tells together with his paintings, which may be additional amplified via the poetic phrases he makes use of to accompany his paintings is in reality intriguing. What additionally resonates with me about him is that like Sam, I too spent a few years being a industrial illustrator. However deep down I in reality sought after to do my very own private paintings. So seeing him do this with good fortune has been an excessively stunning and inspiring factor to revel in.


    What made you pursue NFT artwork? 


    In essence it was once a possibility to stay exploring my private artwork, however be capable of create direct relationships with creditors and different artists which has been a in reality rewarding revel in, and one thing that was once missing at the different ingenious fields that I’ve been and nonetheless are considering.


    What’s the one piece of NFT artwork you would like you had bought however overlooked out on? 


    Surely a work via Archan Nair. Now we have identified each and every different for like 7 or 8 years thru instagram. I feel when he dropped his preliminary drops on SuperRare the primary one bought for six ETH, however I didnt have 6 ETH at the moment. Now they promote I consider on the subject of 100 ETH if no longer much more. So fantastic! I additionally want I can have no less than bid on Sam Spratt’s paintings as to get at the cool Lucy Skulls, as a result of his first drop was once such a success that I may no longer have afforded considered one of his items.


    If you must trip any place on this planet the place would you move? Why this location?

    I would really like to trip to Japan, it kind of feels like such other global from what I do know. I feel I may seek advice from it quickly for my birthday. But even so artwork, my different passions are psychology, philosophy, discovering tactics to only be provide with lifestyles. Love gazing other folks play tune are living in intimate settings. Its magical. I really like studying, smartly principally soaking up issues thru audiobooks. I in finding other folks attention-grabbing, so I really like assembly new other folks, speaking with them about their lives and the way they see this human revel in. I really like exploring now and again, simply seeing what else this global is set. I really like exploring my very own thoughts with psychedelics. Therefore why I imagine myself a psychonaut.


    What are your different passions but even so artwork? Why? 


    I really like psychology, philosophy and psychedelics. The three Playstation haha. I in finding the human thoughts and why we’re the best way we’re this sort of intriguing puzzle to discover. There’s something so awe inspiring and roughly horrifying now and then {that a} human thoughts may also be so advanced and intriguing but there are nonetheless such a lot of corners of our human thoughts which turns out inaccessible. This is the place I in finding psychedelics in reality attention-grabbing too. They’re compounds that permit my mind to attach in tactics during which it does no longer usually. And from the method of neural pathways speaking in tactics in in most cases does no longer, I’m able to see the arena in a brand new manner, to peer my very own faults, to wreck inefficient tactics of pondering and higher my very own lifestyles. And naturally, philosophy is simply a good way to consider this life. I’m really not non secular, however I do in finding the truth that I exist so awe inspiring, and in reality exceptional, even within the moments when lifestyles feels roughly absurd.


    Do you’re making different types of artwork? 


    I’d say I experience writing, as its a type of expression, very other from visible artwork. However I in finding it so attention-grabbing and rewarding another way.


    How did you get a hold of your particular taste? How has your taste developed through the years? 


    It got here from slowing seeking to know the way I understand artwork, and what I sought after to seize with it. As a result of my artwork is an effort to seize one thing this is between the actual and the intangible, my artwork combines realism with surrealism. Numerous it was once very roughly heavy, it was once black and white, and if there was once colour it was once very minimum. I feel I attempted to seize how I felt in the ones levels in lifestyles. However someday I noticed that sought after to manner my artwork the best way tune is made. As an example there’s numerous common tune that sounds playful, and melodic and I need to groove to it, and transfer with it. It has the sensation of a colourful portray, with pleasure and effort. Then again when I learn the lyrics of a few of this songs, I notice that the that means of the tune is in truth very deep and roughly heavy, possibly even unhappy, however it was once introduced on this simple to digest layout, thats alluring to experience. So I began coming near my artwork the similar manner via making it extra colourful, and relaxing to have a look at, whilst additionally having numerous deep intense that means in the back of it. So the principle evolution was once having extra colour, and when I began to experiment extra digitally I used to be in a position so as to add extra main points and take a look at stuff this is more difficult to do with paint.


    What’s coming within the close to long term? 


    Extra artwork that resonates with personal private adventure. I do plant o discover freeing an version on Manifold and performing some extra 1/1 on SuperRare thru Manifold as smartly. Im certain there might be issues that’s not at the horizon but. However the principle factor is that I plan to only stay making artwork that speaks to me.


    If you must collaborate with one artist who would it not be?


    I would really like to collaborate with artists that experience a distinct taste than mine however also are very vigorous and there’s depth to their paintings. I would really like to collaborate with Fewocious, and Archan Nair. Additionally it might be wonderful to collaborate with the fantastic artist Sam Spratt. That will be wild!


    Do you have got any upcoming drops? 

    My Adventure Collection on Nifty Gateway is losing on Thursday, Jan.twenty sixth at 5pm EST. It options TWO 24h Open editions. It’s my first Open Version that I’m placing out and I em very fascinated by it. The 2 items are “Acceptance” and “Give up To The Supply”. 

    “Adventure” is a brand new collection that explores the adventure of self consciousness and self actualization. It dives deep into the internal workings of the human psyche so as to perceive one thing intangible that is living past the symbolic language. It’s an homage to the ability of plant medication, which has been an integral software in my very own private enlargement adventure. Figuring out oneself and one’s personal position on this global is without doubt one of the elementary sides of this human revel in. Existence is an ongoing adventure, full of a spectrum of stories starting from stunning, awe inspiring, the entire strategy to unusual, unhappy or even absurd. All of the ones stories go away an impact on us that unearths itself in the best way we see ourselves and others. However now and again the messages we internalize, particularly from unfavorable stories aren’t at all times right kind. In looking to grasp myself, I accrued epiphanies which might be captured within the featured items. They’re about letting move, accepting all that we’re, and all this is. It’s about self forgiveness, compassion, love against one self and others. It’s about working out our self-worth, it’s about discovering tactics to align with our unique inside self. And maximum of all, it’s about discovering tactics to connect to one thing larger than ourselves, inside & with out.


    The place can creditors in finding your paintings? 


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