• Curio Playing cards Provide Knowledge Cheat Sheet

    Quicklinks: You’ll be able to use this sheet created through Ezrawithacamera.eth through clicking right here to look the overall provide issued, general locked copies, and the overall provide of playing cards in inactive wallets.

    The entire hyperlinks to knowledge that allow you to to find your easiest Curio Card! 

    Particular shout out to the Curio Playing cards Discord member who helped me put this in combination.
    You’ll be able to sign up for the Curio Playing cards Discord staff right here.

    Additionally further particular shout out to Ezrawithacamera.eth who put numerous paintings into offering a few of these spreadsheets.

    Disclaimer: I personal playing cards 1, 8 (x2), and 13 from the Curio Playing cards set. If you need an introductory review of what Curio Playing cards are and what playing cards are within the set, you’ll be able to learn that right here. 

    This isn’t monetary recommendation. Please don’t spend greater than you’ll be able to have enough money to lose
    and please don’t blindly reproduction me. 

    To the many of us searching for provide data and information to assist them make an
    knowledgeable resolution, I’m humbled you’re right here.

    What’s The Provide of Curio Playing cards?

    There are 30 general Curio Playing cards, each and every with a special provide. 

    The entire most provide of those playing cards is 27,997 however there are not up to that actively on OpenSea for a couple of causes: 

    Locked Playing cards: Some playing cards are locked in a erroneous wrapper and whilst they’re
    on OpenSea (and feature been purchased and offered) the group has stated that
    those aren’t unique Curio Playing cards and encourages other people now not to shop for

    There could also be a spreadsheet created through Ezrawithacamera.eth that indexed the overall
    quantity locked through the wrapper in step with card right here.

    Minting / Newly Wrapped Playing cards: There has additionally been numerous chatter about playing cards being minted on OpenSea. The rationale for that is that playing cards are being wrapped to be advertise on OpenSea. The playing cards debuted in 2017 ahead of the erc-721 same old and want a wrapper with a view to have interaction with OpenSea. This doesn’t imply extra are being minted. There’s a extraordinary rationalization here through Daniel’s Got Hits

    Inactive Wallets: Some Curio Playing cards are held in inactive wallets that experience proven no task for 1,000 or extra days. You’ll be able to to find that spreadsheet right here — please thank Ezrawithacamera.eth within the Discord Team for placing it in combination. 

    Please observe, inactive wallets may develop into lively at any time. That is simply to assist
    perceive lively provide. 

    The way to Resolve Lively Provide for a Curio Card 

    The quickest option to see what number of Curio Playing cards are on Open Sea is to take a look at the overall
    rely at the card’s web page: 

    For instance, there are 187 playing cards lively for Ink on OpenSea regardless of an lively provide
    of 393 (observed underneath). 

    Supply: Opensea.io

    One of the simplest ways to view lively provide is to move over to this spreadsheet.

    Supply: Public Google File Supported through person Ezrawithacamera.eth 

    You’ll be able to keep a copy of the Google file and clear out through card, lively provide, inactive provide, and extra.

    When you see playing cards being “minted” don’t take that as new playing cards are being created.
    That is if truth be told the unique pre-erc 721 playing cards being put within the wrapper, therefore
    now with the ability to be observed through OpenSea. There used to be a hard and fast provide at unencumber, with
    some playing cards completely locked in a erroneous wrapper. 

    Additionally, take into account that Yellow Card #29 has 170 playing cards which are time-locked till April

    Satisfied gathering!

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